Winder Competes for Community Development Block Grant to Address Stormwater Issue | Barrow News-Journal

The City of Winder has put the boots to the ground in an effort to solve its stormwater problem at E. Stephens Street and Georgia Avenue by winning the highly competitive Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and requires the city to meet eligibility criteria, including community signatures.

The City hosted a thank you party for residents who participated in the survey that made it eligible to receive CDBG funding.

“It was definitely a team effort. We had staff from different departments who went to help with the investigation,” said Renee Long, a management analyst for the town of Winder, who helped secure the signatures. needed for the grant.

“We made sure to have someone with us who was also bilingual and she was able to break down that barrier and capture additional inquiries.”

“The driving force was knowing that we wouldn’t even qualify for the opportunity to receive the funding without getting 90% of the surveys. residents’ work schedules and taking the time to educate residents on the ‘why,'” she said.

The estimated amount of the project to solve the storm water problem is $2,396,440. The CDBG, if awarded, will total $1 million, which the city must match with $100,000. The additional costs for the City would total $1,296,440.

Since 2014 and 2015, residents in the project area have reported water leaks, sewer line blockages, flooding, possible sink holes, and storm drain repairs.

Frequent flooding in the project area, which occurs more often than a year-long storm, corresponding to rainfall equivalent to more than three inches in a 24-hour period.

Much of the stormwater problem lies with the city’s outdated water and sewer facilities, which are the original facilities from the late 1930s. large to accommodate rainfall runoff and there is no sidewalk on one side of E. Stephens Street, which also contributes to the city’s overall stormwater problem.

Funds from the CDBG grant would be used to fund the installation of a new 8-inch water main, a new 8-inch sewer line, and improvements to existing drainage and infrastructure, including the increasing the size and grade of drain pipes along E. Stephens Street and Georgia Avenue to reduce gutter spread and improve downstream flow of the drainage system.

The CDBG project would fund other repairs, including a new sidewalk and resurfacing of E. Stephens Street, the conversion of city-owned land into a retention pond, and a multipurpose field that would hold runoff from the ponds to the north. -east of E. Stephens Street and would hold back that of a 25-year storm while preventing stormwater runoff upstream.

When completed, citizens would experience significantly less flooding, improved water and sewer facilities, better walking, and overall a better quality of life for residents.

The proposed schedule for the project is based on the grant award, which the city expects to notify of the grant award in October 2022. Once received, construction is expected to begin in the fall of 2023 and be completed in fall 2024.

Norma P. Rex