West Suburban Community Pantry temporarily closes after electrical issues

The West Suburban Community Pantry, located at 6809 Hobson Valley Drive in Woodridge, was forced to temporarily close from at least June 18 until June 22. The pantry is experiencing electrical issues affecting its air conditioning and refrigeration systems. It hopes to reopen on June 23.

Air conditioning, Fridges taken out

Executive director Laura Coyle said the decision to close was made for safety reasons. “Due to extremely high temperatures this week, we experienced both the outage of air conditioning in our Pantry building and the loss of our commercial refrigerators and freezers,” Coyle said. “Our first priority is to ensure food is stored and handled safely, and under current conditions that is impossible. We also need to ensure that our customers, volunteers and staff are safe and healthy. comfortable in our space.

In the meantime, Coyle says the pantry is consulting with business partners to find equipment that could help avoid a repeat of this type of incident. “We are looking at unforeseen expenses estimated at $30,000 in addition to the loss of food we incurred this week,” Coyle said. “In the long term, we want to make sure that our equipment is solid and reliable.”

Online order still available

The pantry offered a modified service today, dispensing prepackaged items. It will be closed tomorrow, as usual on Fridays, as well as the additional days noted. Although in-person service is closed, The Virtual Food Pantry will continue to offer the ability to order groceries online and pick them up at a number of locations in the area.

More information is available on the West Suburban Community Pantry website.

Will Payne reporting from Naperville News 17.

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