West Hills Community Church Presents ‘Christmas on the Hill’ Extravaganza – Morgan Hill Times

The West Hills Community Church will provide Morgan Hill and surrounding communities with an intricate and quirky extravaganza of outdoor lights, craft displays and music this holiday season.

The exhibition, entitled “Christmas on the Hill”, will take place 12 evenings in December, from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The scheduled dates are December 2-5, December 9-12, and December 16-19.

The free and accessible outdoor show includes a huge array of lights, hand-painted displays, Christmas trees, a tunnel of lights and free hot chocolate for everyone who attends (while supplies last), says a press release from West Hills Community Church. Once guests reach the top of the hill, they will be invited to sit and relax in front of a musical light show featuring Christmas carols synchronized with the visual features arranged throughout the venue.

Over 100 people helped create the displays, hang the lights, decorate the trees, and prepare the music and light shows for the special event.

“We hope the community will feel welcome and be able to participate in the joy and celebration of the Christmas season,” said Brad Mortensen, pastor of West Hills Community Church.

The West Hills Community Church is located at 16695 De Witt Avenue, Morgan Hill. The lighted journey will begin in the church’s mid-level car park and continue through the lighted tunnel, more exhibits and lights, and panoramic night views of Morgan Hill.

Guests with reduced mobility can park at the top of the hill as space is available.

For more information, visit westhills.org/light-display.

Norma P. Rex