Water Projects Dominate Carter County Community Development Block Grant Proposals Again | News

ELIZABETHTON — Several representatives from utility districts operating in Carter County and a representative from a utility district in Johnson County attended a public hearing at the Carter County Courthouse on Friday afternoon to discuss the Application process for Community Development round of fiscal year 2022 grants.

Although grants can be used to fund a wide range of public projects, all participants were interested in public water facilities and most said they were interested in replacing very old water pipes.

Among the utility districts present at the public hearing were the Hampton Utility District, the South Elizabethton Utility District and the Carderview Utility District, which is the water company town of Butler.

Among those present was Richard Tester, commissioner of the Hampton Utility District, who has served on its board for 32 years. Hampton officials talked about replacing old water lines along US Highway 19E.

This was only the first stage of this year’s application process, and none of the projects were discussed at length or included in a preliminary list. Although the project is chosen this fiscal year, construction will likely not begin until spring 2023.

In the final round, an application was submitted by Carter County, but this project was not selected for a grant.

Norma P. Rex