Trans Camshafts

There are several styles of trans camshafts available and all vary inefficiency, the type of fuel the engine runs on, and how you want your car to perform.  See of critique.

If you drive a very powerful gas car or even a hot rod, a trans camshaft is not something you want to overlook. You can have an unbelievably fast car with a great amount of torque without having to mess with complicated mechanical parts.

The trans camshaft to accept a high-performance mixture

Trans Camshafts

With a low displacement gas engine, you can set the trans camshaft to accept a high-performance mixture. This will allow the engine to run better and last longer. More power is always better.

With a high compression gas engine, you can turn the camshaft to accept a low octane mixture. This will improve engine fuel economy and give your car more power and torque. Many people turn the trans camshaft to accept just a touch of alcohol to loosen up the valve train.

On gas engines, the higher the octane, the less fuel your engine will burn at high speed. This is due to friction between the gasoline and the air, causing a lower pressure in the combustion chamber.

The rest of the engine follows suit, burning less fuel. Since the trans camshaft is mounted in the intake valve train, it gets a small dose of alcohol to increase combustion pressures, increasing horsepower.

If you run carbureted cars, turning the trans camshaft to a high-performance setting may be the ticket. For example, a turbocharged car will run leaner fuel, which results in a tighter power band, more horsepower, and better fuel economy. However, some people prefer a crisper exhaust note from a carburetor.

Low octane fuel, like premium, might be better for street driving. With this setting, you get more speed and torque but with less power and acceleration. A low octane setting allows the engine to run richer than regular gas but also helps you stop quicker and handle the car better.

With a higher octane fuel, the engine runs richer and smoother but is less responsive. A lower octane setting, like sport, is great for racing because it produces more power at higher RPM.

The best setting is the one that works best for you

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Some people prefer low octane fuel, some people prefer higher octane fuel, and some people prefer somewhere in the middle. The reality is, there are some times when you really need to change the trans camshaft to get the best performance out of your engine.

Many tuners purchase trans camshafts to change from a high octane fuel to a lower octane, so they can increase power and torque. They do this by removing the timing belt pulley, or by replacing the engine’s timing belt pulley.

In order to use trans camshafts, you will need to purchase a new engine or get a part from your dealer that will attach to the camshaft. Some people install the new camshaft themselves. If you have trouble or have the right parts, you can buy them online from a reputable distributor.

If you aren’t familiar with engines

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It’s best to hire a professional or work with a trained professional, who can look over your engine and check for any problems with the camshafts. The last thing you want is to put your engine out on the street or in the garage with a faulty engine.

As you can see, there are many uses for trans camshafts, and almost all of them are perfect for those who want to enhance the engine performance of their vehicles.

Most people get excited about hearing how their car sounds when they’re listening to the engine, but to hear the real engine go through the trans camshaft and produce the power and torque is simply awesome.