Tranquility Community Church Hosts Memorial Day Service

By Sherry Larson

defender of the people

War changes things. Memorial Day is a time to honor fallen soldiers, broken families, and those who have gone home, never to be the same again. As I walk into the congregation on this beautiful May Day, I wonder what better way to honor those who have died than to offer love and respect to the living.

In the picturesque Tranquility Community Church, many gathered to remember those who had sacrificed for their country. From grandchildren to grandparents, attendees revered those who fought for America’s freedom. 2022 Committee members Amy Gabbert, Doris Bailey and Dawn Rothwell hosted the event.

Joyce Wilson gave a heartfelt and moving speech about her father’s time during World War II. Wilson’s father, Paul Caskey Glasgow, narrowly escaped death on more than one occasion and spent time as a prisoner of war. Several times, she bursts into tears and urges the public to want to know more.

The Battlefield Cross was replicated by a group of young women from American Legion Post Unit #633. The rifle, helmet, boots and dog tags symbolize loss, mourning and closure for the living. A funeral service followed at nearby Tranquility Cemetery.

A fundamental theme of Wilson’s speech revolved around the brevity of life. There was a collective mood of gratitude in the congregation as Wilson described his father kissing the ground upon his return from the war in America. She said: “Our country united then, and that’s what we have to do – we have to unite. Life is short and the only thing that matters is to love God and to love each other. I couldn’t agree more.

Norma P. Rex