Topeka Pastor Serves Country, Community, Church

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – Pastor Rey Rodriguez served in six wars and after his retirement took up a position that would allow him to share his faith and put his leadership skills to work.

Reyes Rodriguez has been called out in many ways, but over the past seven years, those who attend Harvest Family Scholarship call him Pastor Rodriguez.

“We are just a small church, very humble, we love each other, if you walk through those doors on a Sunday morning everyone will love you and hug you,” Pastor Rodriguez said. “It motivates me to see people being happy in an environment like this.”

But Reyes Rodriguez’s service to others began long before he became a pastor.

“If I could do it all over again, I would do it in a heartbeat,” Rodriguez said. “I went through six wars and I supported all the wars I went through. I’ve been to Vietnam, I’ve been in the desert storm, Bosnia, then Iraq and Afghanistan and I’ve done what I have to do in my job.

Rodriguez spent forty years in the United States Army in many different leadership positions.

“Every position I’ve worked in has excited me more,” Rodriguez said. “I was continually being promoted and learning all the different tactics and things in the military or whatever was thrown at me. Unfortunately my age caught up with me, I probably could have stayed a few more years but after turning sixty, they told me it was time to retire.

In 2010, he retired as a warrant officer and decided to pursue a position that would allow him to share his faith and put his leadership skills to work.

“Love it, love it, I’m seventy-two and I could never be more excited to shepherd God’s people because if no one is going to, who else is going to. “

Pastor Rodriguez welcomes everyone to his Sunday service at Harvest Fellowship Family Church located at 522 Southwest Polk.

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Norma P. Rex