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Pushpay and The Potter’s House helped children of incarcerated parents enjoy the holiday season

The Potter’s House is a non-denominational church in Dallas, Texas with over 30,000 members. They work together year round to help others in the community and around the world feel the love of Christ. But during the holiday season, their efforts take on special importance.

Each December, The Potter’s House helps incarcerated parents and grandparents restore and strengthen relationships with their children and families by partnering with an unexpected source: the Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department and local businesses. . Together, they provide Christmas gifts to children on behalf of incarcerated parents and grandparents. Most of the church is transformed during this time into “Christmas shops” where children can choose gifts from their wish lists with the help of “Santa’s helpers and elves”.

“People just need to feel loved and taken care of. This event gives us the opportunity to serve a sector of the community that we rarely think about; the children of those who are incarcerated, ”said Tiffany Brinkley, director of community outreach at The Potter’s House.

Tiffany brinkley

Not only does this program help restore family relationships, it also helps change children’s perspective on the police who may have taken away family members.

“Our prayer is that the take-away point of this program is not only that these children are not forgotten and that someone cares about them and that they have a good Christmas, but they also see the strengths of order in that position of friend, to be someone who gives, someone who is there to help them through a difficult time, ”Tarrant County Sheriff Bill Waybourn said.

Last December, with the help of Toys for Tots, fundraisers and other local sponsorships, The Potter’s House gave over 3,500 gifts to 513 children, from babies to teens. Children and families are also offered other resources such as social services, health and wellness, education, mental health, home buying or rental programs, and financial assistance.

County Sheriff Bill Waybourn

Push paymentThe Church Management Solution (ChMS) played a big part in making this program happen. Pushpay is a faith-based technology company providing donation, apps, ChMS and video streaming solutions to the faith-based sector. The Potter’s House uses Pushpay’s ChMS to register families for gifts and registration forms for donors.

Pushpay also supported this program by donating $ 1,500 to the local Dallas Fort Worth Toys for Tots company, where the vast majority of the gifts come from.

“Generosity is not just a topic of discussion. That’s really who Pushpay is, and it comes from this deep commitment: together we are building a community, ”said Maria Blakeway, Pushpay senior vice president, Customer Success.

The Potter’s House hopes to inspire other churches and nonprofits to host and partner with local Sheriff’s Services to support the program in their own communities.

Shanda boyett is the Director of Corporate Marketing for Push payment. For more information on how we work with churches to build community and inspire generosity, visit us here.

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