The City creates a position of Director of Community Development

By George Slaughter, Editor

Katy City Council on Monday created a new position of Director of Community Development who, when filled, will oversee planning, permits and inspections for the city.

The position will report to Elaine Lutringer, who is herself promoted to the newly created position of General Manager of Public Works and Community Development. She will oversee both the director of public works who will succeed her, as well as the new director of community development, when they are hired. City Administrator Byron Hebert said the city would seek to interview candidates for both positions.

Requirements for the position of Director of Community Development include a master’s degree with 8-10 years in urban development, municipal planning, code administration, or extensive and extensive experience in economic development and 3-5 years of supervisory experience. Experience in a self-contained city such as Katy is preferred.

Hebert said the new director of community development will start by “taking a snapshot” of where the city is.

“We’re landlocked,” Hebert said. “We are surrounded by the extraterritorial jurisdiction of Houston.”

The Director would be expected to ensure the completion of projects, currently underway, to improve the city’s permitting process. Oversight of city grant applications is another priority.

“We have grants there, and we want them topped up,” Hebert said.

The city has been working for several months on the revision of its overall plan. Hebert said the new manager should help guide the city according to the plan.

Norma P. Rex