Sunnybrook Community Church Holds Easter Service at Tyson Events Center

SIOUX CITY (KTIV) — After a two-year pandemic “pause,” Sunnybrook Community Church has returned to the Tyson Events Center for its 10:00 a.m. Easter service.

The Siouxlanders filled the house to worship and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus together as a community.

Sunnybrook staff were impressed with the support from the community.

“We were really surprised by the turnout,” said Lydia Miller, director of creative arts at Sunnybrook Community Church. “It’s always amazing to have our church in a big hall for a big service. We usually have multiple services, so it’s really fun to come together as one big church body to fill the Tyson Center to celebrate Jesus on Easter.

Staff and parishioners were moved by the number of people present at the service.

“What a powerful feeling on the most important day of the year,” said Sunnybrook congregation member Jeff Carlson. “Spending your time with your family over Easter, but also with 8,000 to 10,000 people in what felt like a completely full house here at the Tyson.”

The service itself was also an impressive production. It featured a full band playing Christian rock music, stage lights and a giant screen behind the stage. In addition to the usual sermons and songs, the service also featured testimonies of people who have found their way through God.

The parishioners were impressed with the work of the staff in organizing the service.

“It was amazing,” said Sunnybrook congregation member Haley Meacham. “Actually, I was in tears. Sunnybrook did an amazing job from start to finish serving as they always do. So that was something special and made my morning even more enjoyable to worship with all the other Siouxlanders.

The service, combined with this return to normal, made this year’s Easter truly special for this congregation.

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Norma P. Rex