Street musicians organize concert to raise funds for Bay and Laguna community pantry – Manila Bulletin

BAY, Laguna – A group of artists brought their talents to raise funds for a community pantry outside Saint Augustine Parish Church in Barangay San Agustin on Friday April 30.

Dan Alexander Abas / Manila Bulletin

According to Justine D. Olaes, one of the BAYanihan Community Pantry volunteers, the group of young musicians approached them and offered to perform to help the initiative.

“Busking is a street spectacle, where buskers perform for voluntary donations,” Olaes told the Manila Bulletin. “We saw the streets as a way to help fund and maintain the community pantry. Entertain and help combined in one activity.

Dan Alexander Abas / Manila Bulletin

Performances lasted five hours, with volunteer musicians putting up with the afternoon heat to help maintain the community pantry.

People participate

Ronald, a jeepney barker in the area where the community pantry is located, usually helps organizers organize the goods on the table and reminds beneficiaries to maintain social distancing.

On the day of the street event, he carried the donation box and approached jeepney drivers who were passing by to donate. It was the same way he earned his income as a barker. But he volunteered a few hours of his work day to help out with the community pantry.

Dan Alexander Abas / Manila Bulletin

Besides Ronald, the volunteers were also touched by the support of the trike riders and commuters who contributed. An unexpected donor was a pizza delivery boy who took a break from his duties to stop by the street event and put money in the donation box.

Dan Alexander Abas / Manila Bulletin

The parish also opened its doors on the initiative. Since most of the community pantry volunteers were church servants, the parish offered one of its multipurpose rooms as a storage room for material donations.

“One of our goals is to inspire the 15 Bay barangays to have their own pantries,” Olaes told the Manila Bulletin. “And at this point, we have about 13 pantries in town.”



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