South Montrose Community Church response

TOWNSHIP OF BRIDGEWATER, SUSQUEHANNA COUNTY (WBRE / WYOU) – A state police fire marshal has determined that a lightning strike is the likely cause of a fire that destroyed a church that has stood for about eight decades.

Now the local religious community affected by the fire is working to determine the next step.

“I mean it was right after the lightning that the thunder hit, so they knew we had to be really close,” said Jared Horn.

That’s what Horn’s family told him they heard Thursday night. They live right next to the South Montrose Community Church on Route 29 which was destroyed. With the parish priest and the parishioners, they believe that the bell tower was struck by lightning.

“We know that it was lightning that struck him, struck the cross which was at the top of the steeple. And it was just completely swallowed up and there was no real way to turn it off, ”said South Montrose Community Church president Bob Remington.

“We jumped in the car and got here quickly and sure enough it was very shocking to see with all the flames. We are very grateful to all the fire companies who came here so quickly, ”said Pastor Laura Kincaid.

Horn was also concerned not only for the church, but for his home. He told Eyewitness News that firefighters assured him his family would be safe. He also says the church does a lot more than just organize services.

“They do a lot of community work. I’m not sure, but I believe today was going to be their food drive. They do that, they have a free meal in the winter, at least once a month. Very sad, very sad, ”Horn said.

The pastor told Eyewitness News that despite the destruction, services will continue this Sunday in the nearby parking lot.

“We know that God is good in all things, and so we put our trust in Him and we know that even though, like I said, it’s shocking and terrible, but we know that the church is not not the building. The church is the people and the people here are so wonderful and continue to be a community of faith here
reach out to the community and do whatever we usually do, ”Kincaid said.

Norma P. Rex