Solwezi Council community development programs delight TWAM

By personal writer
Tools With A Mission (TWAM) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mike Grifin, is very impressed with the skills development programs implemented by Solwezi Town Council through the community development section responsible for such a responsibility in the community.

Mr. Grifin, who is in Zambia monitoring how organizations in various parts of the country are using the tools donated by TWAM, was yesterday at the community center in Kimasala to interact with the women beneficiaries and find out how the donated equipment is being used. to change their lives. .

The women who exhibited their bespoke and sewn works which included: Clothing; school uniforms, bags; pillowcases; scarves; Jerseys and Doormats, among others, gave the founder of TWAM and his entourage a thunderous welcome expressing their joy for what the Council has done for them through the organization.

At this point, Mr Grifin could not contain his joy as he praised the local authority which he said had shown commitment to improving the lives of community members and had therefore proven to be an institution that TWAM can continue to work with in supporting community development. programs once applications have been submitted.

Despite the short visit, Mr. Grifin and his entourage took the time to interact with the beneficiaries and verify their work.

Solwezi Municipal Council was represented by Community Development Officer (CCDO), Mrs. Evelyn Phiri, who thanked TWAM for responding positively to council’s requests for equipment, indicating that the municipality needs the support of cooperating partners such than TWAM in order to fully implement the skills development activities. .

Mrs. Phiri also took the time to show the CEO of TWAM the carpentry workshop at the Kimasala Community Center which was built by the Council.

The CCDO has expressed its gratitude to the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development through the Local Government Service Commission for advertising the post of Instructors in Carpentry as well as Tailoring and Design, which it says, will play a key role in supporting skills development.

Tools With A Mission is a UK-based Christian organization that donates tools and works with different organizations around the world that have shown their commitment to improving the lives of community members. Tools range from sewing machines, knitting machines to carpentry and mechanic tools.

Solwezi City Council is one of the beneficiaries of the items and equipment donated by TWAM, having received its first batch in 2020 and the second at the beginning of this year after applying.

In the end, five (05) Clubs (Lusekelo; Bukwasho; Kukenga; Tweende Pamo and Kyaabu Multi Purpose Cooperative) bringing together a total of 54 women and men benefited from the donated equipment by acquiring various income-generating skills.

Beneficiaries have so far been equipped with skills in machine knitting, hand knitting as well as sewing and design.

Currently, 24 women between the ages of 22 and 58 have been trained since June this year in tailoring, who will graduate in October 2022, after which another group will be enrolled.

Mr. Grifin is in the country to monitor the rescue programs implemented by various organizations using the donated tools.

So far he has traveled to Muchinga, Copperbelt, Lusaka and currently North West Province.

The rationale behind empowering community members with various skills is that they end up generating their own income, starting their own businesses, and developing a mindset of independence, thereby improving their livelihoods.

Norma P. Rex