Sapphire community pantry offering emergency shopping for underprivileged people with COVID or insulation | Bega District News

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The Sapphire Community Pantry is delivering emergency food and grocery supplies to people who are isolated at home due to COVID and have no other way to access supplies. The need for this service was first raised by Dr Duncan Mackinnon of the Bega Valley medical practice, who has seen many of his patients contract COVID or have to self-isolate without sufficient groceries. The Pantry works with its own volunteers as well as with people from Grace Church and Rotary to provide service. Pantry chairwoman Christine Welsh said the service is only for those who have COVID or suddenly isolate themselves due to close contact and have limited means, have no one to buy for them, or are unable to browse online shopping at a large supermarket. “We will not replace the usual online shopping in supermarkets. If people can use this service, they should continue to do so,” she said. On Tuesday, the emergency department was used for the first time by a mother and son who were both positive for COVID and in isolation. The woman was paid a casual wage, could not afford the minimum of online shopping for delivery, and regularly used a pantry. So she contacted the organization to get food for her family. Ms Welsh said they had received an emergency basket containing basic items such as recovered fruit and vegetables, bread, frozen meat, meals and paracetamol. “We have a limited number of free food bank emergency baskets with enough food for four people for a week. The pantry can also be a basket for the cost of the salvage price of the wanted items. READ ALSO: There are a limited number of essentials such as canned soup, pasta, rice, sauces, cereals, noodles, canned tomatoes, corn, vegetables, tuna, to cost recovery prices. Also available are sanitary products, toilet paper, soap, free recovered meat, free recovered fruits and vegetables, free recovered bread. Once the order has been taken and paid by bank transfer or credit card, it will be made to the Pantry and then delivered, without contact, by a volunteer. “I want to be clear here that we are not replacing the Woolies here, if you can afford to do a home store at Woolies, please do.” We are doing it for the isolated people, who have no one who can go. in a supermarket and buy food for them, or are very strapped for cash and cannot afford to do so. .com. Due to supply chain issues across the country, they are also struggling to get products picked up from major supermarkets and cut down on non-perishable items from the food bank. If you want to help, the pantry is in desperate need of garden produce donated in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables. Otherwise, please check your kitchen cabinets for donated products that are unopened, undamaged and up to date, such as canned fruits, cereals, soups, pasta, pet food, canned food. fish / salmon / tuna, canned dishes, and treats. Food donations can be brought to the Pantry, 2 Peden Stree t, Bega, Tuesday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


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