RURCON targets churches in Lagos for community development

A Faith-Based Development Agency and Professional Development Consulting Agency (RURCON) has pledged to deepen its interventions among churches in Lagos on the eve of its 50e birthday.

RURCON, which was founded in 1971 by Mr. Peter Batcher and Da Bornaba Dusu to help African churches make an impact on their communities, has been actively involved in projects in rural areas in the north, particularly in the state of the Plateau.

The organization with UK roots was registered in Nigeria as an NGO in 1995 and has been instrumental in some development work.

Board member Reverend Peace Goodey told reporters during a briefing on the next 50e anniversary of the body, said that RURCON was ready to work with churches in Lagos to help them make an impact in their communities.

Goodey said: “Fifty years is a major milestone for an institution, as it is for an individual. Our celebration is not so much a party, but a break and a look back at what RURCON as a faith-based development agency and professional development counseling institution has been doing across Africa. It is also a time to look ahead to what can still be achieved, especially now in Nigeria and in partnership with Lagos churches, theological institutions, the Lagos State government and the press.

Goodey said the organization will use the 50th anniversary to promote acceptance and implementation of the church and community mobilization process tool in Lagos.

This tool, which she described as a validated faith-based tool, has been helpful in transforming the community globally.

She said the tool is already in use in five major Nigerian denominations and more than 500 local assemblies.

The churches of Lagos in his words will benefit from this tool in order to strengthen “the recognized impact of RURCON across the world”

She noted that RURCON has worked in 36 African countries, also adding that it “has been recognized as a development agency that helps churches, Christian organizations and individuals, including communities”.

Goodey, who is chairing the organization’s next celebration, which will take place from Friday October 22 to Sunday October 24, stressed that RURCON is not a funding agency.

RURCON, according to her, is “an empowering, empowering and facilitating organization that believes in self-reliance, sustainable lifestyles and livelihoods based on good Christian stewardship, focusing on the poor, disadvantaged and marginalized. “.

RURCON board member Reverend (Dr) Eric Ighalo said the church remains God’s instrument of transformation.

He observed that young people and vulnerable people in society were looking for where to draw their strength.

“The church has the capacity to provide support and relief to those in need. The Church of Lagos, in particular, has the influence and the power to make things happen, ”he said.

Ighalo said the church’s problem lies more in its inability to mobilize resources for the common good and not necessarily in the fact that there are no resources to work with.

“The funds are there, but the church needs to put in place a structure to use the funds,” he said.

Reverend Stephen Oyinlola, who represented the President of Lagos of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), expressed at the event the willingness of CAN in Lagos to support RURCON.

ACTS Provost Reverend Ambrose Massaquoi in his contribution to the press conference observed that the church has always been skeptical of the genuine intentions of para-ecclesial bodies.

“When an organization like RURCON comes up with an idea, instead of the church embracing it, they see the organization as invading their territory and it does not provide the necessary help,” he said. he declares.

He also expressed the hope that RURCON will not receive such treatment.

Rev. Olugbenle Olumide, who represented the President of the Lagos NFP, said NFP was already looking forward to working with RURCON to make an impact in churches in Lagos.

He revealed that the NFP has recently established a new leadership known as the Community and People Development Directorate which will help drive the collaboration.

The 50e the anniversary celebration has already started at RURCON’s field offices in Jos, Plateau State and at the UK office in London.

It will end with a big celebration in Lagos from October 22 to Sunday October 24 with a courtesy visit to key church leaders.

There will be a conference and prayers at the premises of the West African Theological Seminary, gala displays, lunch and thanksgiving services at some participating churches.

Norma P. Rex