Riverchase Community Church welcomes new pastor – Shelby County Reporter

By MICHELLE LOVE | Personal editor

PELHAM- Riverchase Community Church in Pelham has announced that it is pleased to welcome its new pastor Rob Mohr to the church family.

Mohr has been a pastor for 26 years. He started as a youth pastor for 12 years and then became a senior pastor, which he has been ever since. He has served in churches across the country, including in Georgia, Michigan and Illinois. You could even say it runs in the family since his father was also a pastor, as was his stepfather. Mohr has been married for 20 years and they have three little girls.

Before coming to RCC, Mohr worked in a town in northern Kansas that he says had a population of about 2,500. When the opportunity first presented itself, Mohr initially said he was skeptical of moving to Alabama, but then when the opportunity presented itself, his wife convinced to investigate further. Mohr said the transition to Birmingham had been a good process and he and his family were delighted to be back in the city.

He’s only been there three days, but Mohr is already optimistic about the changes he and the church have been discussing for his future.

“They told me that one of the reasons they brought me here was to make some changes,” he said. “We just brought it back to a point, we just want to help people. We want to see what God wants us to do and where he wants us to go.

Mohr is only the fourth pastor in church history, and he jokes that he has a more casual demeanor than some pastors. He said he thinks this is one of the reasons RCC felt he could make a difference.

When approached with the significantly lower number of people between the ages of 18 and 35 not going to church, Mohr said it’s something that churches “have not done a good job of in all areas to pay attention to this age group”.

“It’s at all levels, it’s not a particular church or denomination,” he said. ” It’s like that. You know, after about 27 or 28 years, people settle down and start having kids and life changes, and then they start thinking, “Well, maybe I should start going back to church.” It’s like we’re waiting for them to become a family, but we don’t do anything for them until that moment comes. One of the things we’ve already talked about here is establishing things so that when they leave high school and go to college, they feel comfortable coming back.

Mohr said he wants people to feel welcome and find a part of the church they click with so they always feel like they have a place of support and comfort.

“I don’t want anybody sitting in the back thinking, ‘I don’t belong here,'” he said.

To people who may have had a bad experience with the church, Mohr has a simple message.

“Don’t give up,” he said. “If it’s not for you, you’ll find something that works for you. I never want myself or the church to get in the way of how people try to grow in their faith. The people who left unhappy, Christ told them to love them too.

Although RCC is mostly a smaller church than others in the area, Mohr said he has big ideas for growing his base in the future. Eventually he wants to build a proper worship center and help the daycare grow. More importantly, Mohr said he wants the RCC to become a force in the community, a place where everyone can find camaraderie and guidance on what they are looking for.

“I want us to be the church in the community where people are like, ‘If you need anything, Riverchase Community Church is where you need to go,’ and it’s not to take away from other people. churches, because every church has a part to play,” he said. “Everyone is looking for something different, whether it’s traditional or contemporary or middle of the road. I want us to be the church that God wants us to be and also the church that people can find what they need in. Even if they can’t find it with us, we can help them find it with another church.

“The idea with everything here is that I don’t like being in the box,” Mohr continued. “There are only two constants in life: God and change…to me, that’s the beauty of it. The sky is the limit of what we can do.

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