Responding to ‘real needs’: Longview Boy Scouts carry out community service projects | Local News

Scouts from Troop 621 in Longview served their community on Saturday by carrying out projects while raising funds to pay for their Troop’s activities.

“We have asked our family and friends to sponsor us to do good deeds, and we are doing good deeds all over town today for various charities,” said Troop 621 Scout Master, Travis Lundy.

The 30 Good Deed-a thon is similar to a walk-a-thon, but instead of walking, scouts collect pledges from community members, businesses and organizations to complete 30 good deed projects. service ranging from meal service at Jesus Burger ministry or Hiway 80 Rescue Mission to spreading mulch on a playground at Longview Evangelical Presbyterian Church.

Lundy said that with about 60 members, the troupe is the largest in East Texas and funds raised are used to pay for normal operating expenses.

“It’s our annual fundraiser,” he said. “We can have around 40 Scouts and 15 adults going camping each month, so we have to figure out how to pay for that.”

Lundy said the event also helps drive home the Scouting motto of “do a good ride every day” for members.

“It gets them out into the community, doing a service that they might not normally do,” he said, “and it really helps them see where the real needs are in the community.”

While waiting for the service line to open on Saturday at the Jesus Burger Ministry, Will Alexander, Mason Lundy and James Angus took advantage of the sun and freezing temperatures by playing with a soccer ball.

“I like to say, ‘If it’s too cold to go camping, we’re going camping,’ so if it’s too cold to serve, we serve,” Lundy said. “We were trying to raise these boys to be good citizens and tough young men, but we’re happy to be here today, and it’s not snowing and it’s not snowing.”

Norma P. Rex