Red Hill Hires New Director of Community Development and Prepares for Upcoming Free Events | Multimedia

Patrick Henry’s Red Hill has hired a new director of community engagement and programming.

Takisha Fowlkes took on the role in October. Fowlkes is a native of Virginia who attended Southern Virginia Community College and worked in health and business and has a strong background in communications. When asked what she most expected in her new role, Fowlkes replied:

“Engage with the community. He’s my number one. I like people. I am an accessible person, ”she said. “So if I can get a chance to talk to them, to mingle with them, to share what I’ve learned so far, I think that would be great for me.”

Fowlkes said she wanted to focus on raising awareness of Patrick Henry and what he stood for, as well as raising awareness of the property to people in the area who may not even know where Red Hill is.

This Sunday, Red Hill will be hosting a Christmas Open House. The event will take place from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. and will feature cookies, hot cider, tours and stew. Public participation will be free.

“This will just be a good time to socialize and get into the Christmas spirit,” Fowlkes said.

Then on January 17th, Red Hill will host a free breakfast to celebrate Martin Luther King Day. Participants were encouraged to register prior to the event by contacting Red Hill or registering on the group’s website.

“Come join us for camaraderie, a free lunch, site tours, speakers and lessons on the similarities of these key people at different times in history, but with a common goal: freedom for all”, a online event description of the bed breakfast.

The Martin Luther King Day Breakfast will be an event for the first time at Red Hill. Fowlkes said she believes it will provide a unique opportunity to learn more about Patrick Henry and Martin Luther King.

“Both men were amazing speakers. They were something and it had a huge impact on everyone, ”she said. “This is the perfect time to bring the community together from all walks of life. “

Norma P. Rex