Rapp honored with community service award

ELORA – Jane Rapp received the 2022 Florence Nightingale Community Service Award.

This is an honor that St. John’s Church bestows on a member of the community each July for “outstanding service and commitment”, in partnership with the Elora Festival and the Elora Singers. , said a press release.

“The 2022 Florence Nightingale Community Service Award went to [Rapp] with deep affection and gratitude for all she has given to countless patients, their families, St. John’s Church, the Elora Festival and the singers of Elora,” the statement said. .

Rapp received the award on July 10.

“I don’t like to be the center of attention, so it was a bit uncomfortable, but I was thrilled,” she said.

Rapp first received a letter from the Reverend Canon Paul Walker three weeks before informing her that she had been chosen and she “burst into tears”.

While presenting the award, Rapp received a plaque from Elora Festival Artistic Director Mark Vuorinen and flowers from Elora Singers Choir Director Christina Stelmacovich.

The service ended with a standing ovation.

During her nursing career, Rapp worked as a team leader for the neurological unit at University Hospital London and is one of the founders of Canada’s second palliative care unit, based in London.

Since moving to Elora in 2008, Rapp has volunteered with the Elora Festival and Elora Singers for 14 years, seven of which as a volunteer manager, overseeing 150 volunteers.

“I really felt that the Singers were really important people…and I got to know a lot of them really well,” Rapp said.

In an email, Laura Adler, Executive Director of the Elora Festival and Elora Singers, said Rapp “has contributed so much to our community…

“She is a shining example of all the benefits and importance of community service, and we are so grateful to her for all she has done to help our organizations.”

Rapp is also involved with St. John’s Church.

Walker spoke of Rapp’s professionalism, composure, warmth and caring nature. He described Rapp’s ability to build trust quickly and deliver it completely.

“[She] continues to volunteer her time and talent to St. John’s as a host, chalice bearer and most recently as a member of the Pandemic Reopening Team,” the statement read.

Rapp said it was great to see his efforts recognized.

“It’s a wonderful community. I love it here,” she said. “People are so friendly and I want to be here helping people.”

Norma P. Rex