Public Voting Opens for DandG Foundation’s ‘6 for 60’ Community Development Initiative

ASHTON-SMITH… It was inspiring to see how many ordinary Jamaicans are having a positive impact on their communities.

After after reviewing hundreds of applications, the Desnoes and Geddes Foundation (D&G) has shortlisted 18 applicants for a chance to win $1 million in funding for community development initiatives across Jamaica.

Public voting to select six competition finalists via the D&G Foundation’s social media pages will close on October 14, 2022. Winners will be announced on October 25.

The ‘6 for 60’ initiative was launched in August as part of Jamaica’s 60 Foundation celebration. The competition will award two entries from each county with $1 million in grants to expand community development initiatives focused on sport, environmental conservation, education or culture. To be eligible for 6 for 60 funding, all projects must have started at least three months prior to the entry date. Entrants were also required to demonstrate progress made so far and the ability to begin scaling up their project before the end of 2022.

“As soon as we opened the competition, applications flooded in. It was inspiring to see how many ordinary Jamaicans are making a positive impact on their communities, even with limited resources,” remarked D&G Foundation Director Dianne Ashton-Smith. “Reducing the shortlist to just six entries per county has been more difficult than expected, due to the sheer volume of viable projects. We invite everyone to visit our social media pages to support their favorite entries and help them win $1 million to take their project to the next level.”

Cornwall semi-finalists:

(1)The Treasure Beach Turtle Group in St Elizabeth to create nests and provide training to protect endangered hawksbill turtles.

(2) The Dumfries Moves project in St James to complete the refurbishment of the community center used to provide mental health care and other forms of support to community members.

(3) The Herbert Morrison Technical High NonProfit Organization project in St James to refurbish the school’s multi-purpose physical education facility.

(4) Quickstep Community Playfield project in St Elizabeth to create a multi-use court and community recreation space for the community.

(5) Thornton Community Club project in St. Elizabeth to complete community center renovations.

Middlesex semi-finalists:

(1) The Scholars JA project in Sainte-Catherine to provide scholarship advice and guidance to low-income students.

(2)The goat herding training project for community youth in Sainte-Catherine to promote sustainable goat herding practices.

(3) The New Horizons Christian Outreach Ministries project in St. Catherine to provide skills training and develop entrepreneurship among vulnerable youth in the community.

(4) The Bucknor Computer and Internet Center project in Clarendon to create access to computers and Internet services for all residents of the community.

(5)The Eltham Acres Youth & Sports Committee project in St. Catherine to provide literacy and math support to students affected by the pandemic.

Surrey semi-finalists:

(1) The Increasing Peace in Kingston project to help build community resilience through sports, culture, education and job training for at-risk youth in Jones Town.

(2) The Majesty Gardens Life Skills and Basketball project in Kingston to encourage youth to pursue basketball and arts training.

(3) St Andrew’s Social Work Training and Research Center Project to upgrade facilities at the University of the West Indies, Mona, to provide a sustainable, safe and comfortable environment for students.

(4) The Bent on Hope project in Kingston to use the art of dance to impact youth in the Seaview Gardens community.

(5) The Cornerstone Ministries project in Kingston to provide training and certification to at-risk or lonely youth in the Allman Town community.

(6) The Franklyn Town community development project in St Andrew to improve the community initiative for the collection and recycling of plastic bottles.

(7) The Jay Jay Book and Ball Academy project in Kingston aims to expand a shelter program for youth ages 5-18 that provides educational and other support services.

(8) The Eastwood Gardens Youth for Progress Club project in St Andrew to renovate and repurpose the Cassia Park library and community center used to host student classes, training and community events.

Visit the D&G Foundation Facebook and instagram @dandgfoundation pages by October 14 to support your favorite projects.

Norma P. Rex