Pompey Community Church Dedicates Sunday Service to Siau Family

POMPEY, NY (WSYR-TV) – The Communal Church of Pompey had its first Sunday service since tragedy rocked the congregation and much of central New York last week.

David Siau (39) of Pompey and his 18-month-old daughter, Mackenzie, were shot and killed last Sunday while on a family vacation in Montana.

David’s wife, Christy Siau (40) was also shot while holding the toddler and seriously injured. The couple’s other two children were able to escape.

David’s sister, Christina Siau (30) was also seriously injured. Investigators say the attacker, Derick Amos-Madden (37) of Oklahoma had mental health issues and had a previous relationship with Christina. Authorities say he attacked her with a knife, but she fought back and killed him.

During the Sunday morning service, the family congregation lifted the Siau family up in prayer.

Pastor Dan Werthman of the Pompey Community Church led church members in a lamenting, supportive and healing service with the Siau family.

“It’s a service where we come before God and we join the Siau family, mourning with them, mourning for them. A cry is heard from Pompey. We mourn this family, refusing to be consoled, as their father and daughter are gone.


Emotions of shock, grief, grief, confusion and outrage filled the congregation, but John Siau, father and grandfather of David and Mackenzie, called on the church not to harbor anger in a message video.

“The Siau family had terrible offenses committed against us, but our goal is to forgive, and God told us that if we forgive those, he will forgive us.”


Several church members also called out to God, asking him to uplift the Siau family in open prayer.

One woman tearfully said into the microphone: “We don’t know what to say, but we know how much we love them. We know how much they have impacted each of our lives.

The Pompey Community Church created a special fund for the Siau family to help pay for medical bills, travel expenses and to help care for mom, Christy, and her two surviving children.

If you want to know more about the Siau Family Fund, Click here.

Norma P. Rex