PNP apologizes for the red marking of the community pantry


MANILA, Philippines – A Philippine National Police (PNP) official yesterday apologized for the perceived profiling and red marking of community pantry organizers by police personnel.

Brig. General Vincent Calanoga, head of the PNP’s human rights affairs office, told lawmakers during the House Rights Committee hearing that the PNP had no policy or intention to profile Ana Patricia No and other pantry organizers.

“The PNP apologizes to those who have been affected by information or posts on social media that they did not like. Such incidents, called profiling or red marking, are not covered by PNP policy. These actions have been duly taken into account, so they will not be repeated, ”Calanoga said in Filipino.

It was the first time that a senior PNP official has apologized for the reported profiling, which scared the pantry organizers.

Calanoga said police officers who interviewed pantry organizers were simply doing their duty to monitor the situation in their areas of responsibility.

Previously, the Quezon City Police District issued a similar apology for sharing a social media post that linked community pantries to the Communist movement. The post from Peace Philippines, an organization claiming to defend peace, called community pantries a front for communists to recruit members. The QCPD deleted the post after drawing criticism on social media.

Meanwhile, members of the Makabayan bloc tabled a resolution in honor of Non and other community pantry organizers.

House Resolution 1763 said Non’s pantry has inspired others and rekindled the spirit of bayanihan and solidarity among Filipinos, especially in these difficult times.

Over 6,000 pantries have sprouted across the country since Non established the same along Maginhawa Street in Diliman, Quezon City.

“The non and other community pantry organizers deserve praise and recognition for their innovative and noble efforts to alleviate the hunger and suffering of Filipinos caused by the pandemic,” the resolution reads.


Norma P. Rex

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