Pililla, the Rizal community pantry barters food for recyclable waste – Manila Bulletin

PILILLA, Rizal – Residents of a village here can trade their plastic bottles, crisp wrappers and other recyclable materials for food at a community food pantry organized by a group of young people.

Photo from Facebook page of Sangguniang Kabataan – Brgy Hulo, Pililla, Rizal)

In a Facebook post, Sangguniang Kabataan-Brgy Hulo, Pililla, Rizal said his Barter Community Pantry (BCP) in Barangay Hulo aims to implement proper segregation of waste as the youth group promotes zero community trash in the village.

For 20 plastic bottles or half a kilo of plastic wrappers such as empty shampoo sachets or crisp wrappers, a resident can take home one kilo of rice.

To get a packet of instant coffee and a piece of instant noodles, a resident must have seven pieces of plastic bottles or ¼ kilo of plastic wrap or seven clean cans to barter at BCP.

Eight plastic bottles or ¼ kilo of plastic packaging or eight clean cans can be exchanged for one piece of canned food.

To get two pieces of eggs or a bottle of condiments; a toothpaste; shampoo; soap or a few green beans, a resident can exchange five plastic bottles or ¼ kilo of plastic wrap or five clean cans at the community pantry.

While the Barangay Hulo Youth Group BCP advocates a zero waste policy in the community, those wishing to enjoy the items should bring their own eco-friendly condiment bag and container.

“May pagkain sa basura, (There is food in the garbage cans). Separate now! Help our Mother Nature,” is the group’s slogan.

Those who will participate in the community pantry, including donors and those who trade their trash for food, are called “climate warriors.”



Norma P. Rex