Pickford Endowment Funds Support Community Service Programs

PICKFORD – Pickford Community Wellspring and Pickford Area Health Association are helping to fund several community service programs this year.

The Community Wellspring is an endowment group founded in 2004 by a committee of Pickford citizens to support and improve the quality of life for citizens of the Pickford area. Funding provided by Pickford Community Wellspring is intended to support cultural, educational, scholarship, youth and community health services in the community.

The Pickford Area Health Association is another endowment fund and was founded in 2019 to promote the growth and delivery of health care services to the Pickford area seniors community and other health services , safety, dental, vision or mental health of the community of Pickford.

Both funds are supported by the Chippewa County Community Foundation, which allows them to fund grants to support the community in any way it needs, medically or otherwise.

“He supports the Pickford community, but it’s necessary,” said Debbie Jones, executive director of the Chippewa County Community Foundation. “Its purpose is general and it can be used for anything to help within the community. That is, ‘Hey, tell us your needs, how can we help you.’

In the past, the Health Association and Wellspring committees have partnered to help fund local medical and other projects. Together in 2020 the groups funded the Pennington Assisted Living Home and the Alcona Pickford Medical Clinic.

In December 2021, the two groups came together again to fund more local programs, a combined $15,800 from both groups was awarded to groups such as Northwoods Christian Camp to help remodel the kitchen, Pickford Community Library for technology needs, Alcona – Pickford Medical Clinic and others.

The directors of Pickford Community Wellspring are David Firack, DiAnn Firack, Keith Krahnke, Kristen Taylor, Roger Morrison, Carl Hanna, Melanie Greenfield, Joan Wahl, Patsy Galer, William McDowell and Denise Toner. The directors of the Pickford Area Health Association are Patsy Galer, William McDowell, Denise Toner and David Firack.

To make a tax-deductible donation, contact DiAnn Firack or the Chippewa County Community Foundation at (906) 635-1046. For more information about creating endowment funds, visit www.chippewacountycommunityfoundation.org or contact Jones at [email protected] or (906) 635-1046.

Norma P. Rex