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The second Nick’s Nook is now officially open in North Delta.

On Saturday, February 5, New Hope Church and its community partners officially opened Nick’s Nook 2. It is located on church property – which is also home to North Delta’s first-ever Severe Weather Response Shelter – at the 11838 88 Ave.

This pantry opened to the public in December, but Saturday was the official grand opening event.

Cathie Watters, the North Delta community builder with United Way, said work on Nick’s Nook pantry began about two years ago with a group called Magical Hearts and the first pantry opened on July 7, 2021 at Northside Community Church.

“Nick’s Nook is the first barrier-free (food pantry in the Northern Delta) – think about it, barrier-free. You don’t have to do anything to be able to pick up food from here or drop off here,” Watters said. “It’s non-judgmental, no-shame, and contains staples for everyone.”

She said organizers know that food insecurity is an issue faced daily by residents of the Northern Delta.

“The premise is simply this: take what you need for today, leave what you can for tomorrow.”

Although the service is anonymous, Watters said he received feedback from users who liked the service so much,

“Our goal is to engage North Delta residents to become stewards of our little pantries and they’ve scaled up incredibly with Nick’s Nook 1. We know they’re going to do the same with Nick’s Nook 2.”

As to why he is called Nick’s Nook, Watters said it was in honor of his grandson, a Sands high school student, who lost his battle with lung disease at the age of 18. .

She said it was a “comprehensive contribution that honors her life”.

Church pastor Wayne Driedger said it was a “no-brainer” to have Nick’s Nook 2 on church property.

“Our church is called New Hope and we hope to be the hope of a community.”

Meanwhile, New Hope Church administrator Daniela Filby said the project is about believing in people.

“All without shame, without judgment, without barriers is so important to us as a church to spread the love of Jesus, there is no judgment, there are no barriers, there is no there is no shame, Jesus wants to feed everyone and us too.

The church also runs the EWR shelter, which, along with pantry Filby, said it was “just one more way to show them that they like to be accepted and welcome to access what we put there”.

Items accepted for Nick’s Nook include non-perishable items as well as personal hygiene and toiletries. People can directly drop off donations at the pantry or visit Filby at the church Tuesday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. to drop off items.

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Left to right: Daniela Filby, administrator of New Hope Church in North Delta, and Pastor Wayne Driedger unveil Nick’s Nook 2, a community food pantry. (Photo: Lauren Collins)

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