Mayors Said: Connect local businesses to community pantry organizers

MANILA, Philippines – The Home Office and Local Government has urged local business leaders to connect local businesses with community pantry organizers who have sprung up across the country over the past week .

Speaking in a televised briefing on Wednesday evening, Home Secretary Eduardo Año said it would help support businesses and pantries in need of suppliers.

“LGUs can give links to our organizers who might need suppliers for example, and we have local producers for that,” he said in Filipino.

“There is a need for coordination because the UGL has a big role to play. First, the LMU needs to determine where the community pantry is to be located. The place should be where it is most needed, ”he said.

The DILG has previously suggested that pantries cede their resources and allow barangays to handle the distribution of goods, while local government units have also urged community pantries to coordinate with their barangays first before releasing. in place of pantries.

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However, local leaders themselves said no permits were needed to install communal supply lines.

“There has to be a system for how help from community pantries can reach those who cannot leave their homes, such as the elderly and people with co-morbidities,” Año said at the briefing.

“What we want is for these to be localized. People from other places should not be flocking to these pantries, so if necessary there have to be traveling pantries.”

The government’s suggestions for the operation and maintenance of private community pantries bear similarities to a joint memorandum from DILG and the Ministry of Social Protection and Development outlining guidelines for the administration’s deployment of l ‘cash and material aid or ayuda.

“The LGU will determine the most efficient and effective way to unlock assistance,” the 2021 JMC # 1 Series reads. “The LGU will take full responsibility for the proper disposition / disbursement of funds . ”

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Accounts of pantry organizers harassed and profiled by authorities continue to proliferate on social media despite government claims to support these pantries.

At the start of the phenomenon, the organizers came under scrutiny from the police, who allegedly questioned them about their organizational affiliations and even their relationship status, among other personal details.

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