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Loudoun County has launched a new online system that allows people seeking in-person services from county community development departments to make an appointment or virtual queue from anywhere, officials said. county Tuesday.

The new system is designed to improve the county customer experience at the Leesburg Government Center with the added convenience of the new system, which allows people to reduce or eliminate the physical wait time in line for services.

The county has launched the “Qless” system for customers who plan to visit the Building and Development, Planning and Zoning, and Health (for Environmental Health Services and Vital Registers) departments and the Health Department. mapping and geographic information.

The departments – commonly referred to as community development departments – provide a wide range of online and in-person services, such as obtaining permits, reviewing land use plans and applications, inspections, enforcement regulations and data and mapping services.

Clients seeking in-person services from Community Development Services can book an appointment online or enter the virtual line for the Customer Service Counter located on the second floor of the Loudoun County Government Center, 1 Harrison St. SE, Leesburg , in one of the following ways:

– Use the self-service kiosk located in the lobby of the Government Center.

“This system allows our clients to make an in-home appointment or see how long the wait can be before going to the government center for service,” said Emily Watkins, Loudoun County public affairs manager. , in a press release.

“The system saves our customers time by helping them plan their visit for the fastest and most efficient service possible,” she said.

The system is easy to use and works in three steps:

1. Customer make an appointment or stand in line through the Loudoun County website or mobile app from anywhere, or through the self-service kiosk in the government center lobby.

2. When it is the customer’s turn to be served, he receives an SMS summoning him to the customer service counter.

3. Once summoned, the customer collects a pass at the information desk in the lobby of the Government Center, which provides elevator access to the second floor.

In addition to in-person services, Community Development Services offers a number of online services through the Loudoun County website that do not require a visit to the government center, as well as self-service drop-off and pick-up services. service in the government center. lobby that does not require a visit to the second floor customer service counter.

Use of the Qless system is not necessary for visitors to the Treasurer’s and Revenue Commissioner’s offices as their customer service counters are accessible to the public on the first floor of the Government Center.

Visitors to the offices of the Supervisory Board, County Administrator and County Prosecutor, as well as the Human Resources, Finance and Budget Departments, located on the upper floors of the Government Center, should make an appointment prior to their visit. arrival. Expansion of the Qless system to include use by other central government departments is planned for the future.

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