Lighthouse Community Church, destroyed by arson, becomes Epicenter Ministries | Community

SHERBURNE, NY — It’s been a tough two years for Lighthouse Community Church, but this weekend saw not only a fresh start, but also a new name.

The church, like so many others, was forced to close when the pandemic hit. Then, in April 2020, just before Easter, the church was destroyed by fire.

This fire was later classified as arson.

Despite the setbacks, the church’s two pastors continued to serve their members by hosting services online as they searched for a new location to hold their services.

This weekend, they not only celebrated the grand opening of their new church, Pastor Mark Monroe announced that Lighthouse Community Church would henceforth be known as Epicenter Ministries.

“People have often asked the question what does the name Epicenter mean, where does it come from. It’s a geological term that means the center of an earthquake and our vision is that we could be a earthquake of God’s love, that’s what we really want to be, we want to be a place where we can be a source of the radiating God An earthquake is not a positive thing, we don’t don’t think in a positive light, but we want to be the epicenter of an earthquake of God’s love that spreads from this place to the surrounding communities, hence the name Epicenter.

Monroe says the church will continue online services on their Facebook and YouTube.

Norma P. Rex