Letter from Pastor of Former Grace Community Church Supporting Child Molester Surfaces

A 2004 letter to John MacArthur’s Grace Community Church congregation that shows a then-associate pastor supporting a man who was arrested for child sexual and physical abuse has surfaced.

The letter from Carey Hardy, the church’s former associate pastor and MacArthur’s former personal assistant, was reportedly emailed to the church and posted on the GCC website just five days after elder David Gray was arrested. church teacher.

Hardy’s letter has since been removed from the site.

“I’m sure you know by now that one of our own, David Gray, has been arrested,” Hardy said in the letter, which was obtained by The Roys Report. “The charges against him relate to child abuse. Most likely, these charges come from his ex-wife, Eileen.

Hardy was referring to Gray’s now ex-wife, Eileen, who initially told the church that Gray abused her and their children. She then reported it to the police.

In the letter, Hardy also noted that the church was aware of the accusations but was “concerned about the integrity of Eileen’s statements.”

Hardy further wrote about an effort to raise money for Gray’s bail.

“Many of you have interacted with David on a personal level,” Hardy wrote. “And, like those of us who know him, you find it very hard to believe the charges that have been made… We can still say forcefully that the charges do not match what we know about David.”

But according to The Roys report, Gray submitted a handwritten confession of his church abuse in 2001. Gray is currently serving 21 years to life in a California prison for his convictions for aggravated pedophilia, bodily harm to a child and child abuse.

In 2004, Hardy was charged with two misdemeanors for failing to report child abuse and intimidating a witness. Charges against him were dropped in 2005, but he is no longer on GCC staff.

As Christian Headlines previously reported, in a video from a 2002 church service, MacArthur is seen speaking about Eileen in front of the congregation.

During the service, MacArthur claimed that Eileen refused to repent after deciding to take her children and leave her husband.

“That’s what the Lord wants. He wants discipline, and one of the forms of discipline he uses is being kicked out of the church, being publicly humiliated, being kicked out of the fellowship. In this case, it applies to Eileen Gray,” MacArthur said.

He then added that Eileen had rejected “every instruction and counsel from the elders, every instruction from the Word of God.”

He also told the church to pray for her and “treat her like an unbeliever – as far as we know she can be.”

Last week, the California Board of Parole denied Gray’s parole request.

Editor’s note, March 21, 2022: This is a follow up to our article “Grace Community Church Leaders under Fire for ‘Excommunicating’ Wife Who Refused to Stay with Abusive Husband”.

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