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LaGrange Community Development suggests renaming Miller Street

Posted at 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday, July 27, 2022

LaGrange City Council passed first reading on Tuesday on a proposed renaming of part of Miller Street, specifically the portion from Miller Street to S. Greenwood Street. Alton West, director of community development, told council business on Tuesday that the proposed renaming of part of Miller Street would be W. Mulberry Street.

This would be in order to match the street name to the connected W. Mulberry Street where several developments in the town – including The Thread extension – are taking place.

“We want to bring additional revenue to the area,” West said, noting Visit LaGrange’s recent efforts to bring the historic Horace King Bridge to Mulberry Street and identify graves at the connected cemetery.

Renaming Miller Street would clear up confusion in the area, West said. Currently, Miller Street shares the same road with W. Mulberry Street. Douglas Street exits the shared road. West said the name change would have very little impact on area residents. Only two residents live on the section of Miller Street that the city wants to rename.

Residents, West said, should update their ID cards and mailing addresses if the street is renamed.

Area businesses such as Hawkins Oil Co. Plant and Jackson Beverages would not be affected.

“The impact will really take place when you cross the train tracks,” West said.

Through historical research, West said he discovered that Mulberry Street was not named after anyone in particular, but rather mulberry trees that grew in the area. According to information collected by the Troup County Historical Archives, Miller Street is named after Thomas Compton Miller who served twice as Troup County Sheriff in 1858-1861 and again in 1869-1875.

A second reading for the name change will take place at an upcoming City Council meeting.

Norma P. Rex