Kindness boils: Westside Community Church food bank receives large donation

Quiet Thyme Soaps, along with the spouses of Abrams-Kiewit (a joint venture) recently teamed up to provide soaps and soap trays to visitors to the pantry at Westside Community Church in El Paso.

“It was a pleasure working with these spouses to give back to our community. Everyone needs soap, but not everyone can afford a quality mild soap. With the weather conditions and the water in El Paso, the soap we use can greatly affect our comfort, ”said Christina Camp, owner of Quiet Thyme Soaps.

“Here in the United States, we are well informed about the importance of hygiene and its ability to prevent deaths from diseases such as pneumonia and diarrheal disease. But what if you can’t meet your basic needs like food, water, and shelter? Soap, while necessary, can become inaccessible to those who really need it. Camp adds.

While focusing on simple ingredients, Camp says she also aims to give back to the community that has helped her business thrive.

“Formulating soaps and other 99% natural products is a commitment Quiet Thyme Soaps aims to deliver,” says Camp. All products are scented with essential oils and naturally colored with herbs, clays, honey, etc.

Westside Community Church opens its pantry to Texas residents in need every first Thursday of the month from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Volunteers interested in joining their cause will help pack and distribute food, which is always welcome. Food Pantry members sort and pack food on the first Wednesday of each month starting at 2:30 p.m., then distribute these bags to people on the first Thursday morning of each month.

Food, clothing and monetary donations are also accepted. For more information, interested community members can call Deborah at 915-877-8000.

Norma P. Rex