Joplin City Council Approves Community Development Plan | KSNF/KODE

JOPLIN, Mo. — City council members were in action plan mode for part of Monday night’s meeting. The city council approved the submission of an action plan for two major programs. The demand for housing and urban development exceeds $1,000,000.

“Joplin is a community of rights, which means that we receive an annual allocation for housing and urban development each year. That would be the Community Development Block Grant program,” said Thomas Walters, city planner.

On Monday evening, the Joplin City Council approved the submission of an action plan for Missouri’s Community Development Block Grant – and Domestic Partnership Investment Program.

“We do this every year. This resolution follows the public participation process which is a requirement to receive these funds each year. We receive a stipend each year based on demographic area and income etc. added Walters.

The City is requesting over $560,000 for the CDBG program and over $479,000 for the Home Investment Partnership.

“It’s about stabilizing the neighborhood to improve the quality of life for the residents who live there and continue to ensure that they can live there and have access to it. It’s hard to age in place when you can’t walk the streets and you don’t have sidewalks and you’re encouraging new people to move into the neighborhoods,” Walters said.

More than $331,000 will go towards improving infrastructure in the East Town district.

“We have been targeting the East Town district for several years. It is a very large area, it takes a long time to get to it. The area has been requesting for some time that the sidewalks north of Boadway be improved. So that’s definitely one of our goals,” added Walters.

Part of the CDBG program would also help with job creation and retention…and other programs to help the homeless.

The next step is to send the action plan to Kansas City Housing and Urban Development.

Norma P. Rex