Harrow Community Pantry asks Essex Council for financial support

Project Hope Windsor Essex is asking Essex Council for help.

Co-founder Taylor Gorick says financial support is needed to keep the Harrow Community Pantry operational.

She says they have funds to keep the food pantry running until the end of the month, but says more is needed as community use continues to grow.

Gorick says the pantry opened in 2020.

“It was a tough time during the pandemic and we didn’t anticipate that people would now have even tougher times with rising grocery prices and more and more people in need,” says Gorick. “We definitely need more funding so that’s what we’re looking for at Essex Council tonight.

Gorick says the pantry’s future could be in jeopardy.

“We appealed on social media and in the Harrow News saying basically we had funding to get through the summer maybe until the end of August and then we risked having to close our doors if we didn’t. don’t have significant support,” says Gorick. “We’ve had support, but we’re going to need more to get to Christmas. That’s why I’m approaching the council tonight.”

She says visits to the pantry are up about 40-50% since last year.

Gorick says that last year the pantry received around 100 visits per month. This year, it receives more than 145 visits per month.

The pantry is located at 243 McAffee Street.

Norma P. Rex