Guilford Community Church asks “Who are we?” | Community News

GUILFORD – The worship theme for this fall is all about telling our stories. Reverend Elisa Lucozzi, pastor of Guilford Community Church, invited church members to come into the pulpit and share the story of their personal faith journey.

The series is called “Faces of Our Faith: Bold and Untold Stories”. The story can be a story, a work of art, a poem, a song or even a dance.

Sunday School (for children aged 5-10) is a one-room school with two trained teachers. This fall, children will share stories from the Bible using the Montessori-based curriculum, “Spirit Play.” This interactive program invites children to listen to a story while actively participating by placing story characters on the story stage. Snacks are provided. Weather permitting, children can spend supervised time outdoors.

Parents of young toddlers or infants are encouraged to bring their families to church, although there is currently no staff coverage for this age. However, if needed, parents can watch the service live in the lounge just outside the Sanctuary at 38 Church Drive.

After the service, all are invited to have coffee or tea in Zeller Hall.

Norma P. Rex