GRSP Community Service Weekend in Peachtree City crowns student immersion in Georgian life

The GRSP Community Service Weekend in Peachtree City crowns the students’ immersion in Georgian life. Students gather for a group portrait. Photo/Submitted.

Over the weekend of May 6-8, the Rotary Club of Peachtree City hosted 24 students from the Georgia Rotary Student Program and 4 other international students from the University of Georgia for one last weekend together before the students begin their final journey across the United States and then return. to their countries of origin.

The students arrived Friday for a dinner/pool party held at the beautiful home of PTC Rotarian Gordon Fleming and his wife Christine. After Friday night’s scholarship, the students were split between host families with 10 students staying with Flemings, 2 students staying with GRSP Trustee Cyndi Plunkett and 18 students with IPP/Asst.Gov. Steve Ivory.

On Saturday morning, the students divided into teams on 8 golf carts donated by Rotarian Patti Kadkhodaian (Owner, Golf Rider) and Rotarian Chavdar Zdravkov (Owner, GolfCart Masters). With the help of Chavdar (Civic Project Coordinator) and Steven Newton (Community Service Chair), the students split their time between 4 different projects and worked alongside Rotarians to clean and paint these city properties that are sponsored by the Rotary Club. This was well received and the efforts were recognized by Mayor Kim Learnard on the city’s social media platforms.

For a little fun throughout the day, the teams also held a scavenger hunt around the golf cart trails. Intense competition between teams, but one team surprisingly completed all 25 items.

The winning team was aided by longtime PTC resident and Rotarian Tammy Soulakos, and included Thomas Carlsten and Hanna Larsen from Norway, Sofie Bohl from Sweden and Csenge Tar from Hungary. The winning team won Mary Poppins District 6900 umbrellas and the 2nd place team received Chick-fil-a or Starbucks gift cards.

After a great lunch at Partners II Pizza, the team returned to Steve Ivory’s to spend the afternoon socializing and writing in each other’s personal books about the great year they had through the GRSP program.

On Saturday evening, the Flemings again hosted and, with the help of President Adam Glendye, hosted a superb Georgian barbecue highlighted by Rotarian Paige Munk’s banana pudding (district conference attendees will recall of our progressive dinner). The evening was spent swimming, singing karaoke, hanging out by the bonfire and saying goodbye.

It was a very unique and enriching experience for Rotarians and GRSP students to have together this past weekend. Thank you to all of the GRSP host families and clubs across the state who helped with weekend logistics for these students. It was a fun and memorable weekend.

Since 1946, Rotarians in Georgia, USA have promoted world peace through understanding by providing Ambassador Scholarships to international students for one-year cultural immersion and study at colleges and universities in Georgia .

Each year, students from all over the world make friends in the United States and other countries and experience different cultures and ways of life. Georgia Rotarians believe that “peace is possible” and through GRSP promote international goodwill through friendship and understanding.

Rotary clubs in Georgia sponsor students recommended by a Rotary club in their home country.

Norma P. Rex