Greater County Commissioner Kris Manguso resigns to take on role of director of community development

Kristen “Kris” Manguso has resigned from the Grand County Board of County Commissioners to become the County’s Director of Community Development.

Kristen Manguso today announced her resignation as County Commissioner of Grand County District 3 to assume the role of Grand County Community Development Manager.

Manguso joined the County Board of Commissioners in 2014 after serving as county planning director for eight years. Before coming to Grand County, Manguso served in the US Air Force for six years. In November 2021, she told Sky-Hi News that after serving eight years as County Commissioner, she would not be seeking a third and final term on the Grand County Board of Directors.

The Grand County Community Development Department consists of three divisions: Planning and Zoning, Building and Remediation, and Geographic Information Systems. The department advises the Board of County Commissioners on matters relating to the physical, economic and social development of the county.

In a phone call with Sky-Hi News, Manguso said she took on the post of director of development to help relieve the department of its “struggle with historical knowledge” and to train the “great people there- down”.

“Ms. Manguso’s experience and institutional knowledge of this department, both as a former director of planning and as county commissioner, is of great benefit to the citizens of Grand County and the community. development community,” County Executive Ed Moyer said. “I believe Ms. Manguso is the right person to fill this important role in Grand County at this time.”

Commissioner Merrit Linke (District 2) and Commissioner Rich Cimino (District 1) expressed their sincere gratitude to Manguso for her time serving citizens as Commissioner, and said they look forward to to work with her in this new position.

Manguso’s resignation is effective Monday, June 20 at 5 p.m. The Grand County Republican Party Vacancy Committee will be tasked with appointing a replacement for District 3 Commissioner for the remainder of Manguso’s term.

Correction: An earlier version of this story stated that Ms Manguso had resigned as commissioner after taking on the role director of community development. She quit in order to take the role.

Norma P. Rex