Government justifies proposed church survey, says “it’s for community development”


The state government justified its decision to hold an inquiry into the churches operating in the state to the High Court. She specifies that the Minorities Directorate has been charged with carrying out this survey with the specific aim of developing the Christian community.

The government had, by a circular dated July 7, 2021, instructed the minority leadership to collect information on churches in Karnataka. An organization, the People’s Union for Civil Liberties, had brought a public interest dispute before the High Court, seeking to have the circular annulled.

The public interest dispute was brought before a high court division chamber chaired by Chief Justice Rituraj Awasthi, where the government steadfastly defended its positions.

The government, in its statement, said that the minority leadership has been entrusted with the work of protecting minorities in the state. He said that the leadership deals with the welfare work of minorities, their development, construction of community halls, repair, renovation, boarding schools and non-residential schools, construction of hostels, repairing churches, Gurdwars, Jain Basadis and providing financial aid to orphanages. etc.

Norma P. Rex