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Lightly used clothing and items to SAVE

The Garden City Community Church (GCCC) is continually focusing on many things right now in preparation for reopening our physical building, and one thing we do best is help and give! Giving is a unique way to share everything we have with others. Many lives are still affected by COVID-19 and we don’t know how long it will continue to impact our lives and those of our neighbors on Long Island; but one thing we are sure GCCC will continue to give. What better way to do that than to collect food for the Long Island Council of Churches (LICC) Emergency Food Center.

While many practice social distancing by closing their physical buildings, the LICC emergency pantry remains open. However, they saw a sharp decline in direct delivery food donations from churches, congregations and the community. In this time of social awareness, in an effort to support social distancing and promote a healthy lifestyle, GCCC collects non-perishable food for the LICC Emergency Food Center every other Wednesday. Scheduled collections are October 7e, 21st, November 4e, 18e, December 2sd, 16e, and the 30e. Donations can be dropped off at Church Whitehall Blvd. Porch before noon. Items particularly needed at this time are canned vegetables and fruits, grains, shelf-stable milk, rice, oatmeal, and powdered drinks. No bottled items, please. Paper items are also welcome. In August, the LICC emergency pantry served 43,197 neighbors and 388,773 meals, but the need is still great, so we will be collecting food until the end of December. We will also need drivers to bring food donations to the pantry.

GCCC is also partnering with SAVERS to take our clothes folded (no team name, no underwear), shoes, hats, belts, accessories, sheets and blankets and placed in large black 30 gallon garbage bags. (or white plastic kitchen bags if they’re easier to manage.) When you go through GCCC and see a stack of plastic garbage bags, they’re not trash. These are treasures that contribute to our fundraising and clothing drive.

Non-Perishable Foods for the LICC Emergency Pantry

Non-Perishable Foods for the LICC Emergency Pantry

Please drop off donated items at GCCC Whitehall Blvd. Porch from Monday to October 26e, before 12:00. GCCC has members of the local church who have volunteered to help store the bags. Delivery to SAVERS will be on November 7. We hope to collect around 200 bags for around $ 1,000. Our first two weeks of collection were a whopping 67 bags. What better way to clean up your wardrobe than to join our efforts to donate our beloved and lightly used items. Start cleaning your closets now and share it with your friends!

Come join us all week by visiting us online at Our website will provide you with information regarding our other virtual worship services and programs. The Church increases security with our online services. For our services via zoom, please note that you will be directed to a waiting room and that “zoom ushers” will screen to ensure

the participants are known to us. There may be a slight delay in starting, please be patient. Participants will not be allowed to share any screens, videos or audio files without the approval of the hosts.

The Garden City Community Church is part of The United Church of Christ and is an open and assertive congregation that welcomes people of all ages, races, gender identities and sexual orientations to participate in the life of our community. The physical church of Garden City Community Church is located at 245 Stewart Avenue, between Whitehall Blvd. and Kensington Road. For more information, email [email protected] or call (516) 746-1700. And as mentioned before, you can also visit our website at

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