Free baby food and formula in Queens Park’s new ‘community pantry’

Activists from south Glasgow have set up a ‘community pantry’ at Queen’s Park.

Organized by the Food Not Bombs group, the fridge is installed right next to the Queen’s Park arena on the main road near the entrance to Victoria Road.

It contains infant formula, snacks and other essentials available for those who need them.

The group took to social media to let users know if anything in particular was needed, there is a notebook and pen inside the fridge for people to leave requests.

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The Food not Bombs Facebook page explains, “Ta daaah! Please welcome our brand new Community Pantry to the world. No referrals, no resource testing, no hassle.

“It is currently full of snacks, formula, pasta, diapers, tomato sauce, sanitary products, water, jam, beans, toothpaste, curries, shampoo and baby wipes.

“The pantry is located near the Queen’s Park arena.

“If you need anything in particular, don’t hesitate to ask – there is also a notebook and pen in the fridge for requests. Please send us a DM as soon as possible if you detect a problem.

“If you would like to help us stock the pantry (baby formula is extremely expensive), please follow the link in our bio to donate to our Paypal.”

Users wrote about their happiness at the initiative in the comments, saying they would donate.

Mags Kirkwood said: “It makes me happy and it hurts. We should never need such a facility today, but you fabulous people accept what is needed. Thank you.”

Norma P. Rex