Fountain villager Christiana Smith honored for her community service

Ms. Christiana Smith, honored for her contribution to community service on the occasion of the 38th anniversary of the independence of Saint Kitts and Nevis, following an awards ceremony at Government House on September 20, 2021

NIA CHARLESTOWN NEVIS – Ms Christiana Smith, a 64-year-old Fountain Village grandmother, was one of 11 people honored in Nevis on the 38th anniversary of the independence of St. Kitts and Nevis. She has her name engraved in the annals of the island’s history books for her contribution to community service for which she is honored.

At an awards ceremony at Government House on September 20, 2021, where she received a plaque from Her Honor Ms. Hyleeta Liburd, Deputy Governor General in Nevis, it was said that shortly after Ms. Smith returned to Nevis 57 years ago, having lived in St. Kitts since the age of seven, she observed with concern the regular occurrence of many boys loitering and indulging in reckless behavior in the community of Fountain without any apparent supervision. .

It was as a result of her sighting that she was prompted to take steps to create a club through which she could distract the boys and take them off the streets. Following a meeting with parents and guardians to enlighten them on her observations, concerns, and plan to tackle the issue, she enlisted their support in allowing the boys to join the club.

This is why the Nuff Tings Boys’ Club (NTBC) was founded in Fountain Village in September 2015 with the motto “I can do anything through Christ who strengthens me”. The club was subsequently registered with the Community Development Department of the Isle of Nevis administration.

The club started with 32 boys aged four to 18. At this time, Ms. Smith was assisted by Mr. Jason Seabrookes, Mr. Lynell Nolan, Mr. Ronald Powell and Ms. Elvena Webbe. Today, however, she is assisted by nurse Beverly Jones.

Club members are engaged in a number of personal development activities and sessions: Sports, including cricket, football, swimming, cycling and bicycle mechanics; culinary arts; Bible study; gardening; ethics; Communication; learn to play musical instruments; visit to the enclosures; concerts and films; participate in clean-up campaigns; support various church activities; camping; help with homework; basic skills, including household chores, etiquette, personal hygiene; and dressing, including learning to tie a tie, proper attire and personal grooming.

Ms. Smith believes the name of the club is a direct reflection of the many activities in which members are engaged. However, in light of COVID-19 and its associated protocols, the club has been forced to significantly reduce its activities until permission is granted to do otherwise.

On a plot of land she owns in Spring Hill in Fountain Village, she has also been able to finance the construction of a clubhouse, and with the help of the GEF Small Grants Program (SGP) of the United Nations Development Program. (UNDP) in Saint-Kitts, a belvedere has been built.

She says she was able to continue her community service because of God and her relationship with Him. Mrs. Smith thanks God first and foremost and all the people and organizations who have made the club a reality and a success, especially her family whom she has often overlooked in the process.

Norma P. Rex

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