Food and supplies needed for the widely used community pantry/fridge

The Project Butterfly refrigerator and pantry are self-serve and open 24/7, so anyone can bring food and supplies as needed

The team behind a community food pantry and fridge at the Collingwood Youth Center is appealing for community-wide donations as the service is “highly used”.

The Butterfly Project fridge and pantry is a small room at the back of the Collingwood Youth Center which opened on March 26. The pantry and refrigerator are open 24/7 as a self-service food bank.

According to the youth center’s community development director, Lea Pankhurst, the pantry has been well used in the last two months it has been open.

He asks for community support to help keep it open.

“With everyone’s support, we can continue to provide barrier-free access to food, baby products and health products for those who need them most,” Pankhurst said in an email.

Specific pantry needs include canned food, baby products such as diapers, wipes, and formula, and any cash donations that project coordinators can use to purchase fresh produce as needed. as they wear out.

“We’ve seen so much usage that we’re struggling to keep up with demand,” Pankhurst said.

Donations can be brought to the Collingwood Youth Center at 76 First Street.

Organizations and individuals wishing to organize a food drive or donate money can email Lea Pankhurst at [email protected] to arrange the donation and obtain a list of specific needs.

Project Butterfly is a food security initiative led by the Collingwood Youth Centre, The Environment Network and Elephant Thoughts.

Norma P. Rex