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In the early Christian Church, people often gathered together to hold services in their homes, due to persecution. Times have changed since then, and now a new church has formed in Bainbridge, although the meeting place is a bit more unusual than someone’s home. The newly formed Faith Community Church holds its Sunday morning services not in a church sanctuary, or in someone’s garage or backyard, but in the Bainbridge Little Theater.

Ryan Wade, the church’s senior pastor and elder, as well as a Bible teacher at Grace Christian Academy, sat down to speak to Post-Searchlight about the formation of the fledgling church.

“It was a six-month process,” he said. “I moved in December 2020, so it’s been under consideration since then.”

Wade first felt called to “revitalize the church” and had previously traveled the Southeast to participate in various youth and college ministries, before feeling called to pastor in his town. native. He embarked on this task with his friend, and now associate pastor and church elder, Hunter Bulger.

A Southern Baptist church, Faith Community Church holds services at the Bainbridge Little Theater every Sunday morning at 10:00 a.m., with children and youth services held across the street instead. “The Bainbridge Little Theater is just a good setup for now,” Wade said. “We are open to what the Lord might do in the future. We know it’s not a permanent place, but it’s a good place to be right now.

According to Wade, they had up to 35 adults and 15 children for one service.

“It was a very good turnout. We didn’t really have any expectations. Truly, our understanding is that the Lord will do what He wills.

“Our mission statement is to come together and go for the glory of God,” he said. “So those are two things that we take very seriously. Gathering, we take it very seriously. The worship service, and how we handle that, how we preach the Bible, sing the Bible, pray the Bible, see the Bible, all of those things are centered around the Word of God. As for the “go” part, he said, “When we preach the Bible, our natural next step is to go and make disciples…So we take what’s going on seriously, but if that’s all what we do is get together in a worship service and never go out and tell people about Christ, we really fail to do his mission.

For more information about Faith Community Church, visit their Facebook page or website. They can be contacted at [email protected]

Norma P. Rex