Everglades Community Church Pantry Opens New Distribution Room

Plantation Island

The Plantation Island pantry has been working outside since Hurricane Irma passed and destroyed their distribution room, but now they’ve reopened the doors.

The Everglades Community Church from which the Pantry operates suffered severe flood damage from the storm surge caused by Hurricane Irma.

Residents of Plantation Island, who depend on the pantry, are grateful the doors have reopened.

“It’s much better now since they’ve returned to church. It’s better for them to be back here, ”said Copeland resident Verinetha Fails.

After months of hard work, the new distribution room is fitted with new flooring, walls and new furniture.

Something Pastor Bob Wallace is grateful for. “We’re just keeping our fingers crossed. Lots of prayers, ”Wallace said.

The community is hoping to be hurricane-spared this year, as the memories of what happened around this time last year are still haunting for some.

“It’s hard to get over it,” Fails said.

But like many in the community, they don’t let the threat of a hurricane scare them off from their homes.

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Norma P. Rex