Duncan Community Development hosts free annual Thanksgiving dinner

DUNCAN, Oklahoma (KSWO) – Duncan Community Development hosted its eighth annual Free Turkey Dinner to help those in need ahead of the holiday season.

“The holidays are tough for some people, really tough, especially the last two years have been really, really tough with COVID and everything,” said Trevin Stevenson, vice president of Duncan Community Development. “So it was very important for us this year. We couldn’t do it last year, so this year it was really important that we get together and organize this event.

Those who volunteered said they enjoyed seeing the community come together to promote a cause bigger than themselves.

“Our communities are coming together for a greater cause and it is truly something beautiful to see today,” said Chris Rowell, an event volunteer.

In addition to distributing food, the volunteers said it was important to let community members know that they are valued and appreciated.

“Well, it’s important that they get a hot meal, but it’s also important that they know that people care about them and that we are all just like other people,” said Bill Gossett, a volunteer at the event.

Stevenson urged people to take the time to help others this season.

“So go out there and do something for someone,” Stevenson added. “There is someone who needs it. You never know when it’s your turn when you need help or assistance, so while you can, try providing something for someone else.

The event usually takes place inside the building, but due to COVID, they opted for a drive-thru-only event.

Organizers say they hope to add the catering option again next year.

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Norma P. Rex