Droitwich community pantry reveals struggles as packages are retrieved in seconds

A FOOD pantry struggles to keep up with demand because time slots disappear seconds after they are released.

Droitwich Community Pantry and Fridge said it was struggling to keep up with demand as the cost of living crisis forced more people to turn to its services.

People have to use an online reservation system to receive an emergency food parcel, but they disappear within minutes.

Charity administrator Nathan Harold said slot machines almost disappear as soon as they go live, which means people are missing out.

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He said: ‘As a charity we understand that many people are in a difficult position at the moment with uncertain times ahead and we want to help as many people as possible with our weekly food parcels.

“At the moment we use an automated reservation system to reserve a time slot, which means we have no say in who receives a food parcel when using the reservation system.

“Currently our slots are running within seconds of the slots going live and unfortunately due to the increasing number of people needing a slot many people are missing out.

“We understand this must be a pain for those in need of a food parcel.”

Currently, the Pantry opens every Wednesday at Droitwich Baptist Church on Ombersley Street East on a time slot.

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Every Sunday at 6 p.m., a reservation link is posted on the pantry’s Facebook page.

The pantry aims to reduce poverty and food waste, with food collected from supermarkets, distribution centers and manufacturers.

Mr Harold advised anyone who misses a timeslot to message the page and ask to be added to the cancellation list, providing your full name and contact number.

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He added that as their food supplies increase, they will look to increase the number of time slots available.

“Right now we cannot do that due to the inconsistency in the amount of food we are given each week,” he said.

“I hope everyone can understand this message and that we try to meet the needs of as many people as possible.”

Norma P. Rex