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New Marketing Effort: “Connect to Your Future at Rosemount”

Progress is being made in Rosemount, and Adam Kienberger, Rosemount’s new director of community development, hopes to build on it.

Kienberger brings years of networking and relationship building within the county having worked for the past 15 years for the towns of Lakeville and then Farmington.

“I want to continue to use this experience to bring new investments to Rosemount,” he said.

In his new role, he will oversee planning and zoning, building inspections and development. He heard about the career opportunity from Rosemount’s former director of community development, Kim Lindquist, who worked for the city for almost 20 years and left to pursue a career in planning and economic development in the private sector.

“Rosemount is awesome, and we have a great team here, obviously we have a lot of development, whether it’s in the planning phase or under construction, so a lot of activities that keep us going, and we have a very pro-business board. that looks eager to initiate and attract this type of growth, ”Kienberger said.

Community development is a small world, he explains, and he has learned to take advantage of partnerships and networks with other government agencies, including Dakota County, the CDA Community Development Authority, and other development agencies. economic development of Minnesota.

City staff are working to provide residents with a recreation center, and the public in September will experience a public-private partnership that brings that vision to life. A potential purchase contract will be under consideration by city council, and if it goes ahead, it will include a 13-acre sale that will provide plenty of space to build a new recreation center.

“It is meant to be a premier recreation facility for the residents of Rosemount,” Kienberger said.

The future private operator of the recreation center was not disclosed, but the facility will be located at the northeast corner of Highway 42 and Akron Avenue, Kienberger said.

In other development news, plans are underway for Amber Fields to have 1,900 residential units off Akron Avenue and Highway 42 across from Dakota County Technical College. Amber Fields of Maplewood Development is in the preliminary platform process. Its first public hearing will take place this month at the Town Planning Commission.

“East of DCTC, the city continues to be interested in UMore ownership for heavy users,” Kienberger said.

City staff listened to residents’ wishes and answered questions at their booth during Rosemount Leprechaun Days, when hundreds of people came to learn about the city’s visionary plans.

“People are looking for more things to do, places to go and experiences to live,” he said.

The city is still working to expand its lifelong housing options, Kienberger said, so current residents can either age in place or bring their children or grandchildren back to the city.

A new housing project changing the cityscape of the city center is Morrison Apartments, which is currently on rent and plans to open the first units in October.

As part of Morrison’s development off of Highway 3, the Medi-Car building is scheduled to be demolished in the coming weeks to allow for the parking lot expansion.

The South Minneapolis Tap Society will submit plans to build a new 3,800 square foot valve house in the Morrison development and the Rosemount Planning Commission will consider this request on August 24.

Another application will be under review by OMNI Brewing Group on August 24, and this concept will offer residents an on-farm wine cellar equipped with a tasting room and patio designed by CNH Architects.

Dave Schmitz of North 20 Brewing has submitted plans to the city for a building permit to open a brewery on the northeast side of Rosemount.

Keinberger is also in charge of the new tagging campaign titled “Connect to Your Future at Rosemount,” which is designed to educate residents about offers at Rosemount and attract developers.

The “connections” pun shows how Rosemount seeks to create connections through trails, transit and technology, Kienberger said.

The city’s goal will be to expand broadband access and focus on the busy County Road 42 corridor.

Kienberger explains how city staff believe this corridor can improve connectivity for transportation and business services while maintaining the ambiance of the hometown of Rosemount.

“What’s exciting is that hopefully you’ll see a number of these projects come out of the ground at the same time, and it shows the growth we are well positioned for within the city,” said Kienberger.

Rosemount has seen an increase in the number of new homes, renovations and renovations over the past year.

In 2020, the building inspection teams carried out 4,600 inspections. This year, so far, the number is 5,400.

In 2020, the city registered 389 new homes, including the 124 Morrison apartments.

“This is the maximum we have had in a few years,” he said.

“Our city has remained on a path of constant growth,” said Mayor Bill Droste, “and we, members of city council, are united in our vision for Rosemount, and as Rosemount continues to expand east , we will build on what we currently have. have and create new spaces where residents can live, shop, work and play in a connected and vibrant community.

“Each of these key intersections describes different types of development that would be considered for these types of areas across the community, and the overall theme is that this really is one of the most development-ready corridors that remain. in Dakota County, and we’ll ‘I’ll see a lot of development over the next few years,’ he said.

To see renderings of the Business Vision Study, visit the city’s website at

Kienberger said, “We continue to support new growth, investment and development at Rosemount, and we certainly expect this to continue over the next year across the spectrum of development, residential, commercial. , retail, and some industry outlook that we’re working on well. now.”


Norma P. Rex