Darlington Church celebrates 175 years of faith and community service

DARLINGTON, Wis. – The United Methodist Church of Darlington for decades has helped people celebrate the big moments of weddings, holidays and new life; now the church is celebrating a milestone of its own.

On Sunday, the Lafayette County Church congregation commemorated 175 years of faith-based service in the community with a ceremony, delighting new and returning members.

“It’s a very special congregation,” said Pastor Insun Lee. “It means not only that church building remains, but also that so many people, so many generations, have committed their sacrifice of love and their commitment to service.”

Many people gathered at the church took the opportunity to swap stories about their own history, sharing memories filled with joy.

Among them was John Pelock who made the trip from Beloit to Darlington with a big day in mind.

“It was a beautiful October 3, 1975,” Pelock said. “I married one of the local girls and Reverend Burke married us in the village square here, just outside the church.”

He also said that after decades of change, he was happy to see that the community-centered values ​​of the church had not changed, leaving Pastor Lee confident about the future.

Norma P. Rex