Craig Hitt assumes Meridian Community Development Director position

MERIDIAN, Miss. (WTOK) – The town of Meridian has a new director of community development. Craig Hitt officially took office on Wednesday in his new post. He brings rich experience to the table and sees a bright future for the Queen City.

Craig Hitt is certainly no stranger to being a community servant. For the past 9 years, he has been Director of Economic Development for Kemper County. Previously, he served on the Lauderdale County Board of Directors for 12 years. He is now resuming a job where he will have to wear several hats.

“All the permits and whatever is going on in town with regards to building, remodeling, building,” Hitt said. “Then, of course, the cultural affairs side which is a whole different department itself so to speak with all the activity in Meridian town and that’s a good thing.”

Since his last stint in downtown Meridian, Hitt says a lot has changed. At the time, many people and businesses were looking to move out of the city center. Now it is quite the opposite.

“They’re not looking for an acre lot to build a house or buy a house on a half acre lot. They are looking for an apartment and have the possibility of walking to take a walk, to go on foot to a restaurant in the evening and that is made available to them and they take advantage of it. It’s fantastic and I think it makes a difference downtown with all the development that we have going on with Threefoot and the other investments that are being made.

Mayor Jimmie Smith and Craig Hitt have a long-standing relationship and Smith says he thinks Hitt is a perfect candidate for the job

“I think he’s a very good Christian person,” Smith said. “I have no doubts that he will bring some integrity to this job and help make things better for Meridian.”

“The town of Meridian is the hub of this region,” Hitt added. “So what can we do to improve Meridian City and make it better for this whole area that provides jobs for people who can live in Meridian City? “

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