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The Los Alamos County Community Development Advisory Board (CDAB), in coordination with the Community Development Department (CDD) and the Office of Communication and Public Relations, is launching its public education campaign next week with a series of posts created to help the public better understand property maintenance issues in Los Alamos County, educate the community on the rewrite of Chapter 18 and parts of Chapter 16 of the County Code, and gather public feedback on these topics.

The Council established the CDAB in May 2018 to make recommendations to Council regarding the development, implementation and enforcement of county property maintenance codes within county enterprise boundaries. Current Council priorities include public awareness and education, with the goal of improving code compliance and a general understanding of the process across the community.

Anna Dillane, CDAB member, said: “Our goal is to educate the community on 1) current property maintenance codes; 2) how to help rewrite this important section of local code; and 3) to learn how the application of these codes affected residents (both positively and negatively). We want to hear from everyone, so the rewrite of the code reflects our needs as a community. ”

Each educational post will be shared with the public via the CDAB Facebook page, County Line newsletter, local media, NextDoor and the county website. The Council plans to publish one or two posts per week for several weeks, starting with an overview of who the Council is and how best to communicate with the Council and the County.

For questions or to share your comments, please email [email protected]

The CDAB meets on the third Monday of each month at 5.30 p.m. in the Council Chamber. Join us or visit our webpage to learn more or to get involved:

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