Community Rosalie, church rebuilt after a deadly tornado

ROSALIE, Alabama — November 30and It’s been five years since a tornado ripped through Jackson County, killing three people and destroying three churches.

As the threat of another tornado approached the area on Monday, Pastor Roger Little of Rosalie Baptist Church can only recall the devastating tornado five years ago.

“As I was driving this morning in the rain and all that, after five years, you kind of have that thought in the back of your mind,” Little told News 19.

2016 was a long time ago, but the EF-3 tornado that rocked the small, tight-knit community still lingers. Three people lost their lives. Businesses were damaged including three churches in the same area with the roof of the Rosalie Baptist Church sanctuary appearing destroyed beyond repair.

“We started making preparations the next morning,” Little continued. “We had a disaster relief team and another organization through our association was there to help dry things out. Then we discovered Constructors For Christ.

While Constructors For Christ worked on the damage, Little held services in a nearby meeting room.

“Keep moving. All God’s people coming together, the community had to be together,” Little said. “That has been the goal of our congregation. We have to keep moving forward, keep moving forward even if it’s devastating. We were wringing our hands about what we would do next, and God was letting us know he had this.

Constructors For Christ used 51 churches from nine different states to reconstruct the church.

“Not just in a church, but in the community. small communities come together and we’ve worked through that by bringing everyone together,” Little concluded.

A year after the 2017 tornado, Pastor Little and Rosalie Baptist Church held a memorial service for the victims and their families to remember those lost. A day the community will never forget.

Norma P. Rex